Based in Minneapolis, MN, Kris Clewell is a leading automotive journalist.

Since I could see out of the window of my dads old junker ford wagon, I've been fascinated by automobiles. Fast ones, slow ones, beautiful ones, ugly ones...and the rest.

Some cars do have the perfect line, but I'd like to think that line can be found in almost anything. I shoot and write freelance for a myriad of different magazines. I am lucky  to have the opportunity to spend time doing something I really enjoy. Spending time exploring our car culture when out working, is one of the more rewarding parts of my job. Motoring is such a part of our heritage here in America and it is hard not to be fascinated by it.

I am in love with cars, taking their portrait, and writing their biographies. If you are an editor, I do travel, and am ready to work.



(612) 940-3920



Minneapolis, MN

Contact for information on travel.